Friday, May 20, 2011

L'B'n Axis & Allies (Turn 5)

Our All day Axis and Allies Extravaganza continues. If you're just getting here, I'd suggest you start from the beginning. Like that part in the Wizard of Oz, where they have to go to the exact center of the spiral and follow it all the way out. I mean, I can see the road ten feet to my left. Maybe if I took a little shortcut I'll be free of singing munchkins that much sooner. But no. Gotta skip on through the whole spiral. Even when I was freaking five that made no sense to me. I tell ya.


Oh, right, Axis and Allies. On to turn 5


Germany's concerned with the giant stack of Russian infantry marching east through the Ukraine. In a turn or two, they might hit the German heartland of Poland and start mucking up the place. Russia gets a 6 IPC bonus for each German territory they control, which means that Germany can't do the same defense in depth thing the Russians master. Barbarossa proposes his strategy of buying stacks of infantry to deal with this. Seeing as it's his exact same strategy for everything, I'm not surprised. I talk him into some tanks. I like tanks.

Speaking of Tanks, Germany's northern army is dancing around, taking out single Russian soldiers, trying to get into a position to either gank Russia's Siberian IPCs or make a decisive assault on Muscovy.


Russia lost it's fighter in a fighter sweep, it buys another along with it's traditional stack of infantry. It's southern Army proceeds into Western Poland, sending a squad to take back Southern Ukraine.

In China, Russia splits it's infantry, attempting to liberate as much Chinese territory as it can.


Japan is in an interesting spot. Britain has a number of units it can't really replace. China has a number of infantry it can't really replace. Russia is bringing in infantry it can't really replace. Japan is largely constrained by only being able to manufacture three tanks a turn. I expect I'll take them all out eventually, but in the meantime the who and when is interesting.

This just in, Game postponed until the morrow.

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