Thursday, May 19, 2011

liveblogg'n Axis And Allies (Turn 2 Continued)

Continuing turn 2, after the break

We take up again with


Anzac purchases nothing. Anzac marches its units into the outback, and some across New Guinea. Anzac collects at full, with all bonuses intact, has 31 IPCs saved up. Enough to buy a new fleet next turn. ANZAC passes.


Italy invades Greece, six at one and one at three against four at two. Italy invades normandy, fighting off the british invaders. Italy masses in Cairo, attempting to push the british out of N. Africa entirely. After a bloody but not especially bad battle Italy is reduced to just it's tanks and mechanized infantry and airforce. Greece fights poorly, the Italians kill everyone and suffer no losses; really it's not their fault; the Italians invaded during August and nobody in Europe works in August, least of all the Greek army. Besides, their senior command was all over 5o and therefore retired.

Due to it's aggressive campaign of conquest, Italy is up to 26 IPCs from a start of 10. Amazing.


The US spends it's prodigious wealth on building a newer, more modern fleet of victory ships. The U.S. fleet in Pearl harbor takes out a pair of unaccompanied submarines around the Caroline Islands. It lands troops from Brazil into subsaharan Africa, taking French colonial territories.


China goes out on a limb here, builds some artillery seeing as the Burma Road is still open. They make a raid on the Nipponese lines, but mostly just build up in Yunnan, attempting to hold the Burma Road open.


Bold military action-- in this case defined as anything that isn't surrendering. It's fleet attacks the newly placed Italian destroyers, exchanging one for two. It's infantry in Algeria attack Tunisia, losing one and retreating.

The Second turn is Ended.

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