Thursday, May 19, 2011

Livebloggin Axis and Allies! (Turn 2)

This is the second turn of the game. It's suggested you read the first turn posted just previously.


Germany spends some of it's French largesse buying transports. The German advances come in two directions; hitting Normandy, the last French holdout on the continent, and hitting the Baltic States. Entirely too much force is used taking the Baltic states, but it pretty much guarantees that Leningrad falls next turn. Updates as the situation warrants.


At this point Zerg_Rush has gone home to sleep, or possibly play Warcraft. Napoleon takes over.

Russia pours everything it has into defending Leningrad. This should be interesting. Russia buys stacks of infantry elsewhere, but the coming battle will likely leave both armies depleted of forces along the front. Germany also has a stack of infantry that won't be able to make it, which might make a stab towards Stalingrad, or be brought north as well.


Japan's main problem now is that the American Fleet, congregated around Hawaii, can reach the Japanese Mainland should it so choose. It can also reach Korea, which has led to defeat in previous games. America hits Korea, Japan has no troops to retake it, America builds factory there, America builds tanks there. America Upgrades factory, America builds even more tanks, Japan can't stop it. So it's imperative for Japan to head off an attempt. As such, even though japan has a significant fleet it spends 30 IPCs on a carrier, a submarine and a destroyer, which will help it fend off a possible fleet engagement. It also purchases an industrial complex for French Indochina and mainland production.

The Japanese fleet successfully lands troops on Indonesia, Java and Borneo, for twelve IPCs and the 5 IPC bonus for the co-prosperity sphere. The British Fleet, On the coast of Burma, gets destroyed. China has it's units bunched into Yunnan, which Japan doesn't have the ground forces to attack. On the other hand, it doesn't have much elswhere in China, and those units get slaughtered. ANZAC loses it's destroyer and transport to a pair of subs, inflicting no casualties.

Britain (West)

The transport from the mediterranean moves a unit from Britain into Normandy, while the transport in Britain enacts operation Jupiter. The man marching from West India makes it to Persia. Couple IPCS, and infantry on the back end of nowhere. The battle for Africa is shaping up with Italy poised to strike Cairo from three directions. We'll see. More tanks placed on S. Africa, More transports and transport fodder in Britain proper.

Britain (East)

Their soldiers relentlessly march back into the Shen state, driving out the lone Japanese defender. Aggressor. It's hard to tell when it gets as much fighting and conquering as that territory does. In a bloody and desperate defense the lone Samurai destroys three british fighters. A single infantryman is moved over to Africa, into Italian Somalia. Much debate is poured into whether or not to send the airforce against the Japanese fleet, with the end result that they go for it. Britain loses a destroyer and two fighters, taking out a tactical bomber and tilting a carrier. A net victory for Japan.

Britain places more ground forces in India, including two tanks, and passes turn. A brief intermission occurs.

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