Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liveblogging Axis and Allies!

We've been working ourselves into a frenzy over Axis and Allies over here. Today we're playing it. And I intend to chronicle it here.

Dramatis Personae:

Barbarossa, playing Germany and Italy
Zerg_Rush, playing Russia and France briefly.
Havoc Jack (myself) playing Japan
Napoleon, playing Britain, ANZAC, the U.S.A, China, and the other allied powers after Zerg_Rush bows out.

There's much confusion as to who exactly is going to play what power this game. Barbarossa shotguns Germany, starts planning attacks, and it's only after his turn that we finally figure out who all is playing what all else.


Germany is reaching out to consume all it can, much like Barbarossa himself reaches accross the table for the last slice of pizza. He's doing the traditional Germany-attacks-everything-it-possibly-can manuever, which worked out so well in the original war.
The unterseaboat fleet has joined with the Luftwaffe to destroy the British fleet, which goes well for the krauts, except for the battle in the north Seas. Britain's battleship and cruiser survived, sinking the submarines and gunning down one fighter. On the Russian side, the German battleship and cruiser sink the Russian battleship. War is declaired on Russia.

On the land, Germany marched into Paris, over heavy losses. The Panzers survive, the one Stuka is allowed to live despite never getting a hit off even though it rolled at 4 all battle. Germany offers an abortive invasion into Yugoslavia, mostly as a ploy to move troops. The rules have a bit of a sticky spot that you can retreat into any country you invaded from. so by attacking Yugoslavia with troops from rumania and Greater Southern Germany, you can retreat all your infantry to Rumania, effectivly giving them two spaces of movement. Clever, suspect, but legal. Russia gets hit in Eastern Poland, losing it's three infantry with no casualties inflicted.

In the noncombat phase, Germany takes over finland for the troops and IPCs. Notably, it leaves Bulgaria alone, for the Italians.

On the other side of the board Japan and Russia negotiate a treaty, without any help from Teddy Roosevelt.
Be it hereby resolved:
Russia will make no move of aggression against peace-loving Japan and their colonies in Korea and Manchuria. In exchange for not keeping the Korean wives up at night for fear of Soviet rapine, Japan has courteously agreed not to send expeditionary forces into Amur, Siberia or the Soviet Far East.
Undersigned Havoc Jack for the Empire of Japan
Napoleon for the C.C.C.P

Effectively, this border is sealed. note that it's entirely possible for battle to be engaged accross the Chinese border, or even the border with Persia, should troops of either side get there.


Russia engages in it's traditional strategy of exchanging land for time. They leave just enough infantry to stop a German panzer blitz, and reinforce Leningrad. Russia places infantry, three on Leningrad the rest on Moscow. Russia buckles down and waits for winter.


Japan also engages in the traditional Axis strategy of attacking like a wolverine let out of a burlap sack; everything and everyone at once. Except for Russia. Inroads are made into China, the burma road is split at Yunnan (at the loss of two infantry), and the Phillipines is hit with the combined might of the Japanese Navy. It goes poorly for the allied troops. Japan loses two infantry in the ground invasion though. French Indochina and the Shen state get trampled, and the infantry from the Carolines and Palau Island are landed on Celebes. Some quick slaughter, and Japan places the three transports it purchased just outside of Japan.

These actions bring the U.S.A into the war early. It's questionable that that's the right move, seeing as the U.S. gets a 30 IPC bonus for being at war, but given that they'll be building up war resources anyway (it's amazing how aggressive you can be while still technically being neutral), the consensus is that we hit them hard and now.


In the East:
Britain moves it's transports out to place units in the Southeast Asia Co Prosperity Sphere, taking Java and Indonesia from the innocent dutch. Otherwise, it's land units go to retake the Shen state, without incident. Places a tank, two men and an artillery piece in India

In the West:
Britain attempts to sail a cruiser over a submarine, argues that sea units can pass over submarines. The rules are consulted: "Sea units must stop movement as soon as they enter a hostile sea zone." Britain replots it's naval maneuvers. Further rules are consulted; Submarines alone don't stop naval movement, but they would get a pot shot if he moved a transport with them. I confess this is a section of the rules I was entirely ignorant of. A lone German sub occupies the sea zone off of wales, is being assaulted.

Germany has left a single fighter in Holland. Britain sends the R.A.F on a fighter sweep. They hit the fighter without losing any of their own. Painful.

Britain also does the traditional beating up of the Italian fleet. The Italians traditionally die horribly. One British destroyer is lost, to an Italian cruiser and Battleship. Much frustration is heard from Barbarossa.

Britain withdraws from Alexandria, defends Cairo. Places Tank, man, artillery piece in S. Africa, two destroyers in Britain.


ANZAC feels the pressure. It purchases two infantry and one artillery piece, to defend the homeland. It sends a lone fighter out to hit the lone Jap destroyer in the carolines successfully. He moves troops down to New Guinea, in hopes of taking Dutch New Gunea and his 5 IPC bonus next turn.


Italy starts in a bind, having lost the better part of it's fleet and inflicted very light casualties. It goes for a desperation attack against the British Fleet. Two fighters, a destroyer and a cruiser against a cruiser, a carrier a fighter and a tactical bomber. The fighting in S. Europe is being postponed until troops from Bulgaria arrive. S. france is being attacked by 4 at 2 against 2 at 2. Italy lands an invasion force in Syria, masses in Alexandria. And sends two infantry against one in Tunisia and the Sudan.

"Hey! It worked!"
The feared Italian battle cry. Against odds and consistent Italian sucking, Italy takes out the Mediterranean Brits. Their other aggressions in Africa and the Middle east go well. Italy places it's purchased infantry, artillery into northern Italy. Lands it's planes in Tobruk.

U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A.!
(Sorry, force of habit)


The Doolittle raids are a success; Japan failed to notice that the American bomber could launch from Hawaii, hit the transports in the sea of Japan, and land on Midway. (And by "Japan", I mean me. I; I failed to notice.) They move their fleet up to Hawaii, place some new carriers, and pass turn to...


China spends 12 IPCs, purchases four infantry. China attacks Yunnan, attempting to retake the Burma road. The attack is successful. China places it's infantry into Yunnan, and one into Hunan.


Moving on...

To be continued

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