Thursday, May 19, 2011

Li''Bl''''n' Axis & Allies (Turn 4)

Behold! Turn 4 is upon us. This is in my continuing series of blowing up the world in Axis and Allies. Start from the beginning. Or not; I'm not the boss of you.

Germany (insert allies comments) SUCKS!!

Er... yeah. Apparently Napoleon has cracked the Enigma code.

Germany purchases yet more vast stacks of Infantry. It's task this turn is to take as much Russian territory as it can. This is complicated by the Russian vast stacks of infantry. It's launching simultaneous assaults on Karelia, Archangel, Eastern Poland, the Ukraine and blitzing through Vyborg. Oh, and the British pulled their tank out of Norway for use in Normandy, so they're sending someone to pick that up again. The Russians are going to lose infantry, and land, but they'll have more time, and they've got more infantry to back things up.

After much contemplation, the Luftwaffe doesn't attack the remnants of the combined French and Brit fleet in the Mediterranean. Also, the rules regarding convoys are discussed. If we're lucky we'll get an angry blog post about it by Barbarossa sometime soon.

The news from front is good; Russia failed to kill a single unit.


Russia bypasses the southern German army entirely, marches into Ukraine. Possibly this allows Germany to march right past into Stalingrad. On the other hand, it threatens a Russian stab into the German heartland (Poland). On the Eastern side, the first Russian soldiers have rounded Mongolia and struck Japanese soldiers in Kansu. Russia places it's hordes on Moscow.


Japan apparently miscalculated; since America controls the Caroline Islands the Japanese fleet can't get all the way to the sea of Japan to fight the dregs of the last American fleet. This gives Japan pause. It makes it's traditional fleet purchase, but still needs to kill the Yanks, now. On the mainland, it doesn't quite have enough forces to attack Calcutta yet, and the Chinese have taken residence in parts of China originally controlled by Japan. They weren't even invited.

Japan postpones it's finishing off of Britain (East), pulls it's units and fleet back, where the sun comes up like thunder inter China cross the bay. It also sends land units in to take those british tanks out of Yunnan and the Burma road. It launches a pair of fighters off of it's caroline islands carrier and it's four bombers, which go and take out the aforementioned American fleet. Two fighters are lost, compared to a tilted battleship, a carrier and a fighter. The Chinese are put down rather permanently at the loss of one infantry, and a critical tank was lost in Yunnan. Russia is sending in a fresh supply of infantry, so the fight for China is by no means over, but I remain optimistic.

Japan places three more tanks on French Indochina, three destroyers and a battleship in the Sea of Japan, and collects at 66.

Britain (East)

Britain east moves all it's units up to Burma. It places it's one infantry into Calcutta. Seven IPCs to spend next turn.

Britain (West)

Blitzes through French Equatorial Africa, hits the Italian in the Sudan. In Europe they attempted to invade Normandy again, but the combine Italio-Hunnic force pushed them off at great losses. Still holding strong.

There's going to be another battle for Cairo soon; it's anyone's guess as to who is going to win it. Britain has three tanks, two infantry and an artillery piece. Italy has two mechanized infantry, two tanks and two fighters.


ANZAC purchases two transports. Some noncombat movements happen, the submarine fleet is hanging out by their naval base. Notably, it's only three spaces from the Phillipines.


Much debate is going on over Italy's purchasing. I'm arguing strongly for an aggressive Africa campaign; three tanks. Barbarossa is arguing strongly for putting more infantry on Normandy (it's been working pretty well so far). Additionally, there's an American transport with two infantry that's threatening to land somewhere in Italy or Southern France. We settle on a tank and two mechanized infantry in Cairo, three infantry (and a factory repair; the Americans had been industrial bombing) in Normandy, and leaving only just enough in Italy to fend off invasion.

Italy's assault on Yugoslavia results in three immediate hits and no casualties. Guess switching British opponents into French ones worked.

Italy takes Persia from the British as well. In two turns that might mean something.


America buys another fleet, this one with a stack of cruisers and of destroyers. Presumably eventually it'll settle on a mix it likes. It sends it's fleet in to invade Korea. After an extensive battle wherein six destroyers over four rounds hit a combined total of once, the invasion succeds.

In a last ditch effort, their eastern fleet attacks two infantry with two infantry, in Rome.

Two hits. No losses. Holy crap! Rome has fallen!


Has one infantry, collects three IPCs. Spends it's fifteen, places it's five in the extreme backwaters of China.


France is down to exactly one province. It still has a fleet, and a couple men in Africa. Oh, and that one sucker who got evacuated from Dunkirk. Who's been sipping wine in a London cafe all war long. Hasn't even been a blitz. The height of French military achievement.

At the end of Turn 4, Napoleon is suggesting that maybe the Allies are finished. Granted that Britain (East), China and ANZAC don't have much force, even combined, and Granted that the U.S.A is far away from invading Japan, there's some doubt that they can go on. On the other hand, that surprise invasion of Rome might change things.

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